The Productivity Chain®

Casey Moore has developed an innovative and useful model to improve performance called the Productivity Chain. In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

  • Twelve distinct factors (sets of skills, knowledge, and abilities) determine your overall productivity level.
  • They interrelate, each deeply dependent on and affected by the others, like links in a chain.
  • As with any chain, your Productivity Chain—and therefore your overall performance—is only as strong as your weakest link.
  • When you identify your weakest links, you can take targeted, specific action to improve them.
  • When you improve your weakest links, even a little, you increase your total effectiveness—sometimes exponentially.
  • The Productivity Chain Self-Assessment enables you to perform laser surgery to improve your work habits, rather than going in with a chainsaw. As a result:
    • You make improvements efficiently. You avoid wasting time, money, or effort on “get organized” schemes or quick fixes.
    • You make improvements effectively. Your results last because they address the root causes of your productivity problems.
  • Once your weakest links become strong enough to stop straining or undermining your stronger links, you achieve your productivity goals and much more. Your strengths can really shine. Even better, you enjoy more power and control over your work and time, greater mental clarity, and increased peace of mind. You deserve a strong Productivity Chain.

The Productivity Chain Model Can Help You
As Stop Organizing, Start Producing notes (p. 10), “The Productivity Chain is a life-changer, yet you need no special training or tools to apply it…The Chain is…quickly transformative because it serves several much-needed, yet distinct functions at once. Each one helps you achieve the results you want.”

An instruction manual. It explains what blocks productivity and how you can leverage improvements in key links to become more effective.

A mindset. The Productivity Chain shifts you from frustrated and powerless to powerful, responsible, and action-oriented in every area of your life―all by changing your perspective.

An assessment tool. The Chain helps you assess yourself and your situation, defining your problems in ways that lead to specific, practical, and effective solutions. Take the assessment now.

A call to action. Chain solutions always involve concrete action directed at strengthening particular links. The process is simple and applicable to any link.

A performance standard. The “Power Chain” describes the benefits you receive when your weaker links are “strong enough.” This standard can guide your self-improvement efforts, clarifying what you want to achieve.

A guiding framework. The Productivity Chain provides the bigger picture into which all the productivity-related puzzle pieces fit, enabling you to filter through information more easily and spend your self-improvement money and time more wisely.

To learn more about the Productivity Chain, order Stop Organizing, Start Producing today. To quickly identify your own weak links and learn how to make them stronger, take the Productivity Chain Self-Assessment (full, detailed version) or the quick Self-Assessment Quiz.