Q: How much does productivity training cost?

A: It varies, depending on the type of service (e.g., coaching vs. workshop vs. seminar) and the time needed to complete the project. Clients have found the investment more than pays for itself through increased productivity gains. Casey can give you the best estimate after thoroughly assessing your challenges. You can reach us via our online contact form or by phone: 757-560-2872.

Q: How will Casey customize a workshop for my team?

A: Casey uses assessments from your team to plan a workshop that addresses the weakest links in the Productivity Chain. She often involves supervisors in goal setting and follow-up, ensuring concerns are addressed and targets are reached. With hands-on exercises and scenarios, key messages are brought to life with real stories, examples and applications.

Q: If I don’t have enough time to accomplish all my goals as it is, why would I have enough time for a productivity coach?

A: You don’t have to change your whole life. Casey makes changes at a laser-level, enabling you to use time more productively. You’ll experience the benefits faster than you imagine–possibly even immediately. It’s important to get rid of whatever is holding you down, so you can reach your full potential and get back to living your life.

Q: New obstacles come up all the time. How can Casey promise long-lasting results?

A: The coaching doesn’t stop when Casey leaves the building. She works with you over a period of time. She helps you find ways to get back on track as you face new challenges, and she holds you accountable for reaching your goals.

Q: Will Casey recommend organization-wide process improvements or new ways of doing business?

A: No. Casey focuses on increasing personal productivity, not changing specific business processes. She helps employees think of new ways to overcome challenges, which may result in process improvements for your company as a by-product.

Q: How do I obtain more information?

A: Complete the online contact form or call 757-560-2872.