Stop Organizing Start Producing

Stop Organizing Start Producing

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Casey Moore Book Cover

Learning to make the best use of our limited time – to match our actions with our values – may be the most important skill set we develop. Casey Moore makes that learning as efficient and effective as possible in her groundbreaking book, Stop Organizing, Start Producing.


Using her revolutionary Productivity Chain model, Casey helps her readers identify specific needs and goals, and then guides them to develop targeted solutions for increasing productivity.

Leverage the 12 factors that make or break the busy professional.
Conventional wisdom says “getting organized” makes you productive. It doesn’t. Labeled files can’t cure stalled projects and crammed schedules. And order alone won’t help you achieve the results you seek.

Stop Organizing, Start Producing turns conventional wisdom on its head.Productivity Coach Casey Moore shares what you really need to perform at a consistently high and sustainable level.

Applying it will increase your productivity and your quality of life

  • Dominate your email in-box and endless task list, instead of being at their mercy
  • Gain control of your schedule and priorities
  • Overcome the beliefs and habits that get in your way
  • Claim time for a richer personal life without sacrificing your productivity

Reviews and Feedback for Stop Organizing, Start Producing:
Casey nails it! This book is loaded with clear, simple, practical ideas and real
life examples of how to go from ineffective and ineffi cient to productive and powerful. The Productivity Chain is THE roadmap to success and the next must-have assessment tool.”
- Patty Kreamer, CPO®, author, But I Might Need It Someday!

“Well-written and organized… I really relate to the Productivity Chain. I was completely absorbed.”
- Peggy Jenkins, Project Manager, Austin

“The model Casey has designed to assist us in understanding productivity and effectiveness is both creative and accessible. It cuts through familiar territory with fresh intelligence and common sense. Everyone will be able to use her perspective and strategies to great advantage.”
- Denslow Brown, MCC, CPO®, CPO-CD®, author, Processing Modalities Guide

“I spend fewer hours at the office—yet get more work done—because I apply the concepts described in this book.”
- C. Arthur “Brother” Rutter III, attorney, Rutter Mills, LLP

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