About Casey Moore

The Approach: Committed to Your GoalsPhoto Casey Moore
Casey Moore, The Productivity Coach, helps busy professionals regain control of their work and lives. “I support them in making time for what matters to them,” she notes. “I champion their goals.” Through workshops, seminars and one-to-one coaching, Casey empowers CEOs, executives, small business owners and others to achieve greater productivity and/or richer quality of life.

The Message: Address Root Causes
Casey addresses all the factors that contribute to productivity, enabling you to identify—and resolve—what gets in the way of achieving sustainably high performance. She describes her comprehensive and innovative model, the Productivity Chain®, in her book Stop Organizing, Start Producing. “By strengthening the weak links in your Chain,” she explains, “you unshackle your strengths. Your overall productivity soars to a higher level—a level you can maintain without sacrificing your personal life.”

The Method: Action and Accountability
Casey’s coaching enables her clients to develop more productive habits through practice and evaluation. More importantly, she helps them learn the principles of habit formation and productivity so they can adapt their habits in the future. She has shared her action-driven, learning-focused approach, Curious Accountability™, with her peers in the productivity and coaching industries through conferences and other classes. Her most recent contribution is a chapter on the topic, co-authored with Cameron Gott, PCC, in The ICD Guide for Collaborating with Professional Organizers, published by The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) in 2014.

The Speaker: Experienced and Engaging
Casey has been a professional speaker and trainer for over twenty-five years. Her light, yet serious and enthusiastic style engages and motivates participants; her practical ideas propel them into action. Her active membership in the National Speakers Association (NSA) keeps her presentation skills sharp.
She founded Living Simply® Consulting, Inc., in January 2000, earned her Certified Professional Organizer® credential in 2007 and her Certified Organizer Coach® designation in 2011. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), holds a certificate in Chronic Disorganization from ICD, and continues rigorous study in coaching and productivity matters.
A leader in her field, Casey is the former Chair of the Education Program for the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), a member of its elite Golden Circle since 2005, and outgoing Treasurer of NAPO-Richmond.

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